Testimonial | Definition: A declaration certifying to a person’s character, conduct, or qualifications, or to the value, excellence, etc., of a thing; a letter or written statement of recommendation. At Performance Running Gym we have one single priority, YOU- your heath, wellness, happiness and PERFORMANCE. 

PRG first appealed to me because it is a gym with great treadmills and strength training that was at a convenient location for me. However, a membership to PRG brings benefits far beyond the physical building with its nice treadmills and weights. It is a place where I have learned more about nutrition and proper fueling during a race, strength exercises tailored for runners, and recovery techniques. I also joined an amazing community that supports runners of all paces and abilities. Regardless of your preferred distance, pace or whether you run trails/track/road, PRG will bring out the best runner that you can be.


To say it simply, I’m stronger, leaner, and healthier as a result of my involvement with Performance Running Gym. The moment I walked in the door I knew I was going to join, once I started learning all that was offered here – from the bootcamps to outside resources such as nutritional specialists – not only has my fitness improved but overall has health has as well. I’ve raced and taken a committed approach to training in the past and am a student of constantly improving, but adding consistent strength training has been a game changer. The gym appears to attract people who have high expectations of themselves while appreciating exactly where others are in their fitness path, no matter where that may be. It’s a refreshing blend of inclusive and non-judgmental people who like to work hard toward their goals. The positive vibe that is exuded here is nurtured by the owner, Mark Johnson, who puts his heart and soul into making it a welcoming environment where you can work your a$$ off!


I had been in a huge slump with my exercise routine, and joining Performance Running Gym has really turned things around for me. Everyone I’ve encountered here is so positive and encouraging, and Mark continues to put together fun group challenges and events. The running community has benefited immensely from the addition of this gym to the Twin Cities. It’s more than a building with high-end treadmills and weight training equipment. The people are what make PRG such a great place.


PRG is a hidden gem for runners. Owner Mark Johnson has put heart and soul into creating a space for athletes to come together, which is unique and special. From woodway treadmills to brand new lifting equipment and a quiet relaxing room for stretching, very few details are left out. Pricing is hard to beat and the community is super friendly.