Run. Train. Belong.

The Twin Cities Gym For Runners and Endurance Athletes

Run. Train. Belong.

The Twin Cities Gym For Runners and Endurance Athletes

Crush Your PR’s with a Running Gym in Minneapolis MN Focused on

Helping You Become a Better Athlete

Sick of feeling out of place at your local gym? Most gyms don’t cater to the needs of endurance athletes. As a Running Gym in Minneapolis, we understand that you deserve a gym and community that cares about your goals and shares your passion. You deserve to run #PRGstrong!

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with Performance Running Gym

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We have nationally certified Trainers and Coaches to help you take your running to the next level.

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From weekly group runs to boot camps and monthly speakers, PRG is where the Twin Cities run community comes together.

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Member Spotlight

Kari,  Minneapolis, MN

Ryan Parr
Ryan Parr
Performance Running Gym is an amazing facility!!! Top notch equipment, always clean, and a great staff of personal trainers!
Pat Sheils
Pat Sheils
Solid gym with a great community
Francesca Wilson
Francesca Wilson
Community oriented, spacious and clean!
Korey Walz
Korey Walz
Excellent facility!
Stephen Tannen
Stephen Tannen
Tired of being the stereotypical “injured” runner wishing you were blessed with “Lydiard Luck” and Ethiopian genes? Make your OWN luck by incorporating STRENGTH training with PRG and the smart folks of 3-Click Fitness into your regimen. Joined in 2018 barely able to walk due to overuse IT band issues. Finished Badwater VR267 last month and gearing up for a few Hundos in 2021. RLTW
Joel McDougall
Joel McDougall
Performance Running is an excellent gym and a fantastic place to work out. Highly recommended for runners and other endurance athletes!
Erin Davenport
Erin Davenport
Great gym in SLP for runners and non-runners alike. Quality Woodway treadmills for running as well as cross-training equipment if one wants alternatives. Owner is knowledgeable, always willing to help and interested in what his members have going on and willing to provide options and alternatives on issues. Gym is welcoming and a great place to hang out if doing recovery or catching up with other members.

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Run, Train, and Belong

at Performance Running Gym

We get it, endurance sports are a huge part of your life!  At Performance Running Gym, your local Running Gym in Minneapolis MN, we have built a community of athletes that share common goals and a common vision – to run #PRGstrong. Whether you’re a sponsored professional, or just looking to crush that next PR, we have a place in our community to help you feel right at home and crush your goals.

Learn five key exercises that will help you build power, improve running economy, and reduce the risk of injuries.