Landon Tourville

Personal Trainer and Endurance Coach, Run Coach

Looking for your next outdoor race adventure? With experience racing in a multitude of endurance disciplines, including running, rowing, cross country skiing, and biking; Landon can help make your next goal more achievable. He is constantly in pursuit of new tools to share with his athletes to help push past previous defined limits, racing faster and longer.

Education and Certifications:
B.S. Kinesiology – University of Minnesota (Minor in Sports Coaching), NASM Certified Personal Trainer, RunDNA L1 Certified Gait Analyst, RunDNA Certified Endurance Coach, GOATA L1 Groundwork Coach

Personal Trainer and Endurance Coach – May 2022 to Present

Areas of Focus:
Endurance Sport Strength Training, Gait Assessment, Movement Re-coding, Postural Health, Injury Prevention