shelter in place
virtual race series

performance running virtual race series

Join us throughout the month of April for the Shelter in Place PRG Race Series as we put our winter training to the test in support of our local running stores!

april 6 - 12

Any day between April 6th – 12th run 1 mile race

april 13 - 19

Any day between April 13th – 19th run 5k race

april 20 - 26

Any day between April 20th – 26th run 10k race
*Series is open to members and non-members. $20 entrance fee covers costs for prizes and a donation to the St. Louis Park Emergency Program (STEP).
*Register by midnight April 6th to receive a race series shirt!

how it works

Enter your PR for each race distance into our tracking sheet so we can assign points after each virtual race! Here’s a quick overview of the points system:

You get a point for each second you race faster than your PR. So if your 1 Mile PR is 9:45 and you race a 9:15, you get 30 points. Hooray! The most points win and we’ll calculate a winner after each round as well as an overall winner at the end of the series. Exciting!

What happens if there’s a tie? Well, then we’ve got a lot of really motivated runners out there! If you’re tied for points at the end of a round or at the end of the series, we’ll choose the winner at random.

How do we know your race time? If you want to make it easy on us, join the PRG Strava group and mark your workout as a “race”. If you’re not on Strava, send us an email at with your time and we’ll update the tracker manually.

prize structure

Each race – $50 gift card to person with most points, $50 gift card random drawing = $100 per race/ $300 total

3CLICK Fitness is sponsoring the 5K, and will be giving away a drawing for a 3-pack of 30 minute sessions and a custom strength training program, in person (once allowed again) or virtual.

End of series – $50 gift card each to male and female with fastest cumulative time, $100 grand prize drawing = $200 total

april membership special

Sign up throughout the month of April and receive our Trail Training program free.