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Most athletes waste countless hours on workouts and training strategies that don’t work for them. Having a Performance Running Personal Trainer provides you with a professionally designed plan and guidance that puts you on the fast track to real progress. We take the guessing and thinking out of your strength training plan, helping you see real progress and reach new PR’s!  


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What PRG Personal Training Clients Are Saying

I started with 3CLICK in December 2018, having completed 15 lifetime marathons, but frustrated by recurrent injuries and ever-slower times. Two years later, 25 pounds lighter, and injury free, I just bested my PR from 15 years ago. Thank you Aaron and PRG!

Mark S.

From my first interaction with Aaron, I could immediately tell that not only was he technically brilliant in relation to how the human body performs, but also possessed the softer skills that can make a coach-client relationship special. Right away I sensed that he cared as deeply as I did about the goals we had laid out. He communicates clearly and is always available for questions and feedback. After our 8 months (and counting) of working together, I have notched two top-10 finishes in a pair of running races, which was naught but a dream in November. But most importantly, I’ve had a blast doing it.

Nik K.

I have worked with Aaron over the last year to help define, track and accomplish my goals as I explore my own limits with ultrarunning. From the first time we met to talk about a direction we could take together, it was clear his focus was on me, my goals, my priorities and how to explore my own limits with ultrarunning. I went from finishing in the middle third of the field to the top 15% in only my second 50k event. Aaron also helped me complete my first 100-miler with over 42,000ft of climbing and an average elevation over 10,200ft coming from MN where we have no hills and sit at 800ft elevation!

Ben F.

Meet Our Training Team

Bobbi Patrick

Bobbi attended college at Minnesota State University where she received her Bachelor’s in Mass Media. While in college, she competed in cross country and track and field. She received her American Council of Exercise Certification in 2017 when she first began training and working with others on their fitness and performance goals.
Bobbi enjoys running half marathons all the way down to training for street miles while also enjoying to lift weights.
Jacob Oak

Jacob is a personal trainer and run coach with 3Click Fitness who has been a passionate runner for over 10 years and has completed a wide variety of races from the 5k to the 50 mile range. As a personal trainer and run coach, Jacob helps individuals improve their strength, flexibility and mobility in the weight room, while also crafting run programs to help clients cross the finish line of their next big race. Jacob is certified through The National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer and has his run coaching certification through USA Track & Field. 

Ashton Johnson

As a lifelong athlete, my goal as your trainer is to keep you in the game, and help you reach new levels in your passions, with a focus on building strength, balance, and preventing injury. Working together, we can exceed your self expectations in a fun environment, with a program that is designed with you in mind!

Korey Walz

Korey is a strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer at 3Click Fitness. He enjoys working out and finds it very therapeutic and beneficial to his health both physically and mentally. He believes building strength and cardiovascular endurance are key to a vital and healthy lifestyle. He started his journey his sophomore year of college at South Dakota State University where he got bit by the fitness “bug” and has loved exercising ever since. He has a B.S. in Exercise Science and is also a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specilaist.

Pat Sheils

I have been in athletics for most of my life between playing football and lacrosse in High School and College, to taking every gym class available. I knew I was going to do something in physical activity and that led me to getting a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. I enjoy working with people to help make fitness a major part of their life and to be able to help people reach their goals. I have had the opportunity to work with a large range of people, going from D1 sprinters to someone trying to build back after injury. Over the years I have come to enjoy helping people to correct their aches and pains by making sure they move better through exercise. I work with runners to help them become more efficient in their running and to improve their strength and endurance in the muscles to help prevent wear and tear injuries. 

Adam Tills

My goal as a trainer is to look at the health and fitness of my clients with a focus on Distance Running. I also assist people of all walks of life to find balance and keep their bodies in the best shape for ADL (activities of daily living). I create workouts that focus on balance, strength and overall healthy bodies.

Ryan Williams

Ryan is a Senior Trainer for 3CLICK Fitness. He has been an athlete all his life having played football at Gustavus Adolphus College. He uses fitness and exercise to maintain an active lifestyle and continues to play softball, volleyball, basketball and golf despite having multiple major surgeries due to injury. He has run multiple half marathons in his life time and is training for his first full marathon in the fall. Ryan has a B.A. in Health Fitness and is a Certified Personal Trainer through NSCA.

Amy Divine

Amy Divine is a nationally certified Personal Trainer through American council on Exercise, she is also a certified Functional Patterns Human Foundations Practitioner, she has her BS in Psychology/Animal Science, and is CPR/AED certified. Her sole method of training is Functional Patterns to correct postural dysfunctions within the system of a body. She focuses corrective exercise that integrates dynamic movement based on each individual’s need, therefore correcting dysfunction and regaining neutrality within overall posture. By applying these techniques, proper biomechanics within the gait cycle can be obtained making every day functioning in life easier and pain free, and maximizing athletic performance. She found this method of training by surviving a life altering experience and was desperate for normal functioning and chronic pain relief. In 2014 she had a blood vessel in her spinal cord rupture just under her brain stem leaving her acutely paralyzed within 30 mins. She had to undergo emergency decompression surgery to remove a 2 1/2 inch blood clot that was compressing her spinal cord. She had a laminectomy from C2 to C5 leaving her with chronic neck, arm, and back pain. Upon finding Functional Patterns and applying posture corrective techniques pain relief was achieved within 2 sessions. She quickly proceeded down the rabbit hole of Functional Patterns and swiftly changed her career from years of animal care as a veterinary technician to a path of helping people cure their chronic pain, regain mobility, and re-tension their body.


New Client Special Packages


– 4 or 8 session package options

– Individualized strength program

– 1-2x/week sessions with a Trainer

– Unlimited communication via text/email

Standard Training Packages

Pricing Varies by Package

– 4 to 72 session packages

– Individualized strength program

– 1-5x/week sessions with a Trainer

– Unlimited communication via text/email