preparedness plan

performance running covid-19 preparedness plan

We are very excited to re-open our doors, to see each of you and for you to be able to get back into the gym and improve your health and fitness. The gym will operate a little different than it did given our current circumstances and we want to ensure each of you are informed on the measures we are taking to promote a healthy environment for everyone.

Online Signup:
In order to control the number of people in the gym at any given time, you will be required to sign up for one and a half hour blocks of time. We will be able to allow 8 members in the gym at one time, in addition to trainers and clients, PT and patients, for a maximum of 15 people at any given time. You can sign up using the MINDBODY app and searching for Performance Running, and then viewing the “Gym Use” class availability. If there is no availability, that means that time frame is full. You can also book online by clicking HERE. If you are coming to the gym to go for a run first and then strength or recovery after the run, you can come in to the gym to drop items off quickly without booking a time, but must have a time booked for after your run if you’d like to come inside to workout or use recovery tools. You will be able to book up to 7 days in advance. I have set it up that way so everyone has a fair chance at getting the times and days they’d like. Please be considerate and if you are able to come during off-peak time, please do so. Please plan your workouts to be out of the gym at the end of your session.

Safety plan:
Please follow these safety guidelines while at the gym:
1. Upon entering the gym, you must wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use the hand sanitizer available throughout the gym.
2. Please stay at least 6 feet apart from other people. Please be aware, especially in the weight room and try not to use equipment if the adjacent piece of equipment is in use. All of our cardio equipment has been moved and is at least 6 feet apart, but please don’t use equipment right next to someone else if there is other equipment open further away.
3. Please follow the arrows on the floor as the primary traffic direction to help eliminate close contact.
4. Please spray a wipe from the wipe dispensers or a c-fold paper towel with disinfectant and use to wipe any equipment that you have had contact with. Even though the wipes are already wet, please spray them with disinfectant to be extra safe. Our disinfectant is proven to be effective against COVID-19. It’s good practice to wipe equipment before and after. Be sure to use enough disinfectant to leave the equipment wet.
5. Utilize hand sanitizer as needed during your time at the gym. We have plenty of it.
6. Please adhere to your scheduled time slot and plan your workout accordingly.
7. Please use disinfectant in the restrooms on surfaces that you touched including door handles, faucet handles, toilet seats, and flush handles.Their are plenty of towels in the restrooms to use for this.
8. Please wear a mask when you are entering the gym or during time that you are not working out. We encourage everyone to wear a mask at all times, but state guidelines say, “we realize it is impractical to wear a mask during your actual workout”.
9. Do not enter the gym if you or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms compatible
with COVID-19. Checking your temperature if you are unsure is a good way to make sure you do not have a fever. We have an infrared thermometer available for all to use at the gym. If you feel even slightly sick, please stay home.
10. Please do not touch your face if at all possible. If you do, please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer immediately after.
11. Please bring your own water bottle to use at the gym. You can use the water bottle filler at the gym, but it’s not recommended to drink out of the fountain. We do have a few cups in case you forget your water bottle.

Please refer to these posters for additional guidance. They will both be posted at the gym.
Stop the Spread of Germs Poster
Visitor Health Screening Checklist

Normatec sleeves may be used, but please disinfect thoroughly after use and wear a mask during your session.

Our shower may be used.

Group runs:
Group runs will resume on Wednesday evenings at 6PM and Saturday mornings with a limit of 25. Please gather outdoors at the gym prior to and after your run unless you have a scheduled Gym Use time. Please maintain 6 feet of space between each person pre-run and post-run. A schedule will be announced through the Facebook member page.

Group classes:
For now, our group classes will remain outdoors. If there is bad weather, and space allows inside the gym, classes may be moved indoors.